What Is Tower 12?

Tower 12 is a new way to keep your data safe and secure. Tower 12 is a new way to keep your data safe and secure. It uses the latest security features and protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access. For more information about Tower 12  you can check online resources.

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Tower 12 offers a range of security features that include:

256-bit AES encryption

– Virtualization support

– Authentication and authorization features

– Data loss prevention features

– Real-time monitoring and protection capabilities.

Tower 12 is the first product from IronKey and consists of a physical device (the T12) as well as a finely tuned suite of security tools.Tower 12's Data Safe Security Suite allows for managing all your USB devices, including: keyboards, mice, and flash drives.

Furthermore, it also allows for family settings, so that you can automatically unlock important files for certain users or assign certain users certain rights.And if the worst happens, such as someone getting unauthorized access to your laptop and stealing your data.

Tower 12 offers Zero Recovery™ technology – an emergency recovery tool that enables you to securely wipe all contents on your computer. Tower 12 also comes with a web portal, which allows you to manage all your devices and the settings. 

This is a particularly useful tool for parents with multiple children.Tower 12's two extra USB ports are designed to charge up your iPhone or iPad, so you can save on batteries. 

Tower 12 also includes a wall charger for the iPad and an adapter for the iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod touch. Tower 12 is compatible with all versions of the iPad and iPhone.