Visit The Capitol Of Illinois

The Capital City of Springfield, Illinois is a beautiful place to visit. The city is full of history, parks, and culture. You and your loved ones will enjoy visiting this city for years to come.

Springfield was first settled in the late 1810s. Since Illinois became the 21st state in 1818, both have taken place at the same time. When you visit this city, you will find yourself in many Lincoln-related places. There is the presidential library and his son’s house, to name a few.

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Of course, you can also visit the spectacular Capitol itself, with its huge dome and flag-waving above it. There are also many hospitals in Illinois to visit.

If you want to do something outside with the family, Lake Springfield is a great choice. This lake is an artificial lake. The lake was built in 1935 by a local public company to provide residents with drinking water and a place for recreational activities.

People from all over the world take their motorboats to enjoy waterskiing, backcountry tubing, and relaxing in the city’s warm summer weather. The lake is also a great place to fish for blue bread, fools, and catfish.

If you’re looking to take a walk to recuperate from your stay at one of the Illinois hospitals, the park has about five miles of hiking trails. If you come to the park in early spring, you can see the maple syrup festival. Each year the maple in the garden produces about 10 to 15 gallons of dark syrup.

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There is also plenty of performing arts to choose from in Springfield. Springfield Theater Center, Springfield Ballet Company, and Springfield City Opera are wonderful places to learn about local culture.

The amphitheater is in a stunning location tucked away near Lake Springfield. Visiting this place will distract you from your Illinois health needs.