Medical Curtain Divider For Patient Privacy

Another important item for hospitals is the hospital curtain divider. This allows patients to be separated from each other. The stand is usually made from stainless steel and is very durable. 

The bottom of the stand has wheels for easy movement and precise placement. Premium quality cloth is used to divide the room. For durability and longevity, both hard plastic corners as well as steel corners are used. You can search here on best medical screens for patient privacy and panel room dividers  in hospitals for patient privacy.

The hospital screen stand is made from solid stainless steel pipe. The hospital bed curtain stand has an ABS corner and is easily operated by the wheel. The screen’s cloth is made of high-quality waterproof cloth with strong air permeability.

It is essential that equipment, materials, and fittings have flat, clean surfaces that are easy to clean. This will help prevent the spread of infection. 

Patients sharing curtains with each other have been found to harbor antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is in contrast to the smooth, flat surfaces of hygienic folding screens that can be easily wiped down and could even prevent the spread of microorganisms. This is a major advantage in fighting hospital infections.

It is important to weigh the benefits and high cost of replacing curtains and washing patient curtains regularly when investing in hygienic patient screens. The most cost-effective long-term solution for both financial and hygiene is folding screens.