Reason to Consider Mail-Order Prescriptions

Pharmacy stores that mail-order work through your health insurance policy and are often less expensive and more convenient than purchasing your medication at a pharmacy in your area. 

The term "mail-order" prescription doesn't require you to collect your prescription at a pharmacy, instead, it's delivered at your door. You can also get an affordable medicine delivery service from This article compares the advantages of mail-order prescriptions vs. traditional pharmacies so that you can determine which one is the best for you.

What's the distinction between traditional and mail-order prescriptions?

To pick up a traditional prescription the healthcare professional usually sends a prescription to an area walk-in pharmacy (or you bring the prescription form). The pharmacist fills the prescription, then runs through your insurance and you leave with the prescription.

When you order mail-order medication, a healthcare professional delivers the prescription to a pharmacy that sells mail-order that typically operates through your insurance provider as well as its pharmacy benefit management (PBM).

Why should you consider sending prescriptions via mail?

These medications are usually cheaper. They are a part of your health insurance, which means that your insurance provider can purchase medicines in huge quantities directly from manufacturers to reduce prices. 

Many pharmacies with mail-order services provide 24/7 support via their websites or phone. This can be helpful if you are unsure about your medication during non-business hours, or when local pharmacies are closed.