Labiaplasty: Should You Consider It?

Sometimes, one’s perception of one’s external sexual organs can affect their self-esteem. Protuberant labia is a condition where women don’t like having their outer genital folds look too large or irregular.
This condition can make women embarrassed if they are sexually active, or wear tight-fitting swimsuits or clothes that are too small. This can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse.
Labiaplasty, a specialized surgical procedure, corrects an unattractive labial appearance. It involves the reduction of the outer layers of the labia minora (the tissue surrounding the vulva). This procedure can be performed for aesthetic, medical, or both.
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Labiaplasty Results Satisfy Patients Seeking Functional Improvement –  Consult QD

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Labiaplasty should be considered if a woman wants to feel confident in herself, both emotionally and physically. There are other reasons to consider labiaplasty:
* Injury or disease caused by a labial infection, such as after childbirth
* Vaginal folds appear oversized
* Irregular labia
* Protruding or hanging labia
* Incontinence in performing physical activities due to the size or thickness of the labia
* Wearing tight clothes due to labial size can cause discomfort
* to have a young-looking vagina
The procedure-
Labiaplasty can be performed as an outpatient procedure and is considered minor surgery. This is traditionally done by removing excess skin and then sewing the edges. This procedure has a disadvantage: it leaves a long vertical line of stitching that looks unnatural.
Another technique is to cut the protuberant skin in a V-shape, and then stitch the lower and upper edges together. This would make the only suture line look like a small transverse.