Benefits Of Contact Reflex Analysis

Contact Reflex Analysis is a chiropractic technique that tests the bioelectrical and muscular reflexes of your body. It is based on the connection of certain points of the body to other bodily systems and can be used to explore what’s going wrong internally.

CRA has some similarities to acupuncture. Acupuncture and acupressure work with pressure points throughout the body. Each pressure point is important to the energy flow throughout the body, and are places where that flow can be blocked by dysfunction.

Benefits of CRA

Contact Reflex Analysis allows the exploration of many minor internal issues which have not yet emerged as major concerns. While it does not diagnose issues, it does allow the discovery of sub-clinical issues.

CRA can also discover unknown skeletomuscular issues, including tight muscles, misaligned vertebrae, or unknown subluxation. Your chiropractor can treat these.

Internal imbalances and nutritional issues may also emerge through CRA. Your practitioner may discover diabetic tendencies, for example. Liver issues can also be diagnosed through CRA.

CRA is also more economically practical. No lab tests are required, saving money and time. It allows one health care practitioner to coordinate and focus your care precisely on what needs to be done.

 Your practitioner will provide you with the natural, whole foods and supplements to help you solve the problem.