Various Approaches to Using Timber in Your Home Design

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Any design, be it for your home or a social post, requires the right mix of elements, colors, and sizes. And for an inviting, aesthetic, and warm home design, timber is always a wonderful choice. Its natural look and feel make the place appear welcoming and familiar, and you can use timber at multiple places.

Popular Timber Types

  • Oak: Oak is a popular variety of timber that gained traction in 2018. With its ability to provide a sophisticated appearance and variation of shades from dark brown to light tan, it’s a versatile choice for your home.
  • Vic Ash: Another versatile choice, Vic Ash is popular for complementing a variety of colorful designs and a nice warm feel.

How to Use Timber in a Home Design?

The versatile material has many applications such as a feature piece (or a part of it), on the walls/floor, or in furniture.

  • For the floor design, strips form the most common pattern that uses timber but you can also consider parquetry or herringbone. However, you need to know the wear rating before choosing the right timber for flooring. The base should be strong enough to bear the traffic through the room.
  • For wall designs, timber can be used to create aesthetically appealing textured designs. You can use recycled timber to create such a design, showing your concern for the environment while getting a unique appearance in return.
  • In the furniture segment, timber can be used to create various styles and looks such as a dark bathroom vanity or a neutral kitchen cabinet.

However, for the best advice and timber choice, you can always consult a professional builder from Carina.