Removing Wasp Nests From Your Property

Wasps pose a frequent summertime issue for homeowners across Canada. Eliminating their nests is typically best done by a professional pest control firm for a variety of reasons. Children or those people who are prone to allergic reactions should be particularly careful, as wasp's poison can trigger severe and sometimes fatal reactions. In addition, some homeowners might not be able to successfully get to nests and remove them from their nests.

Wasp removal experts in Burnaby typically give homeowners the option of chemical-free wasp elimination for foraging wasps which have become a nuisance. The most popular method used to eliminate wasps naturally is by using traps. They typically contain a non-pesticide liquid that draws the wasps into the trap. They are made to render escape difficult. 

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In contrast to homemade traps that are made by hand, professional traps work better due to their design and location. Made from high-quality materials, with specially-designed openings, pest management experts are able to strategically place traps in the areas where wasps are known to forage. These include areas for garden bars, outdoor bars outdoor eating areas close to patios, as well as playgrounds for children.

In addition to traps, pest control experts may also suggest organic sprays as an alternative option. Similar to chemical pesticides organic sprays are sprayed directly to nests of wasps and swiftly eliminate the wasps. In contrast to chemical pesticides, organic sprays give homeowners security with regards to the effects on their health, their soil, and the general environment.

Typically, the nest treated will be left as it is after spraying. This will ensure that wasps returning are eliminated once they have entered the nest. In addition, wasps who return to find their homes gone usually construct a new nest. If you leave the nests of wasps and allow the pest control professional to inspect them, he implements a reliable prevention measure to prevent future infestations.