Why is the Tour de France so successful?

The Tour de France would be the most spectacular bike competition worldwide, spanning greater than 2200 miles of French countryside. Professional cyclists around the world consider travel to France to participate in this race as their biggest phase in their cycling careers. It is the one racing event in which news outlets deliver the event to millions of viewing biking fans. The Tour de France takes 23 days. Each stage of the race goes through picturesque French towns that represent the beauty of the countryside. A lot of of the tourists go on vacations to see the Tour and see the French scenery. In occasional Tour's, the Tour routes across the border of Italy or Spain. You can see generous holiday packages which takes you to a wide variety of destinations to look at the Tour. Travel deals are the best method to reserve resort rooms nearby the Tour course.

Plenty of good reasons as to why this cycle race is among the most prestigious bicycling race in the world. For one, it is the most ancient cycle event in the world. No other cycling race predated the Tour de France, so we know that all the guidelines and era of bicycling tours comes from this particular event. The Tour is usually by far the most gruelling race and also the most mentally demanding race of any sports occasion. Participants have to ride the extreme mountains and then through winding roads in order to complete the Tour.

Despite the success of the race, it's going to long be thought of from the drug cheating victories by Lance Armstrong. Armstrong's repetitive denials, fabrications as well as threats long kept his drug use and cheating secret. He was eventually uncovered by whistle blowers that uncovered him at great risk to themselves. Lance Armstrong ultimately confessed what he did and his victories have been removed from the records. Unfortunately the Tour will be scared by this and talked about because of this. Preferably time will cure that wound.