How To Unblock Stormwater Drains?

Clogged storm drains can cause bad odors, which can stress not only you, but the people around you as well. The following simple tricks will significantly reduce the risk of future problems.

  • Place fine drain filters over all sinks in the house. This will prevent larger and more troublesome debris from reaching the drain. 
  • While it's good to use a drain cleaner every now and then, it can be corrosive and harmful if used excessively. For a more regular routine, simply pour boiling water into each sink during your cleaning routine. Sites like franklin plumbing provide assistance in drain cleaning.

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  • Be very careful if you dump grease down the kitchen sink as they can easily re-solidify. Wait until it solidifies for proper disposal of the garbage container or, if absolutely necessary, wash it with a good amount of detergent and hot water.

Professional plumbing techniques

If you have not yet identified the source of the blockage, many professional plumbers can offer a CCTV drain camera service. By placing a camera in the drain, they can quickly identify what is causing the problem and where, saving unnecessary maintenance. This is particularly effective for more fundamental plumbing problems like blocked tree roots and storm drains.

Two common techniques that professionals use include:

Electric Eel

Also known as a "Sewer Snake," this motorized device spins a coil of metal, cutting through tougher obstructions and collecting hair and dirt. While very popular with professionals, it is not recommended for hobbyist use as it can easily damage pipes without careful training.

Jet Blasting

Ideal for large sewer blockages, this device shoots a powerful stream of water through the entire drainage system, expelling debris and dirt without the need to physically access the pipe.