Adopt These Green Design Trends for a Sustainable and Stylish Office

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With increasing awareness about climate change, sustainability has come to office through plants. Green buildings have been trending in Australia and other parts of the world. But before you start installing plants, you should know how to make them right for creating a sustainable environment indoors.

  • Hang Plants: If you think you always need to ground pots to add the green beauties to your office, you need to reconsider. Using hanging pots can create a dreamy look and inspire people to work. Hanging trailing plants at different heights can create a wonderful workspace.
  • Centerpiece: The green foliage can be used cleverly to create an accent. However, the receiving (or reception) area can have a centerpiece of attraction. Combine small pots of greenery with some flower variations to add interest, texture, and contrast to the space.
  • Create a Green Cluster: Another variation of creating a centerpiece, you can create a cluster of plants with varying heights. Choose a corner, get some plants of different heights, and place them in a single lengthwise pot. You can place large plants at the corners and small plants to be spotted easily at other places. The cluster fills the gaps that you would have filled using some furniture otherwise.
  • Pair Plants with Pieces of Art: Imagine a plant in a pot paired with serene scenery against the same wall. That looks amazing and catches everyone’s attention.

Likewise, you can create interesting interiors by placing plants on shelves and other places that would look dull empty. You can contact office plant hire in Melbourne to get installation and maintenance services from professionals.