Some Features Of Package Leak Detectors

For off-line flexible packaging sampling testing, package leak detectors were specifically designed. This equipment can be used to manually test containers containing small amounts of air and inert gases, such as modified atmosphere (MAP), containers with protective atmospheres.

You can reduce the number of leaky containers, prevent food waste, and avoid complaints about poorly sealed packages by conducting systematic leak testing through package leak detectors.

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Pressure differences are used to detect leaks in leak detectors. Two flexible rubber membranes are used to place the packaging. The test chamber is sealed with the lid. The packaging is not damaged and a very small test area is created. This unique method detects small and large leaks without the need to adjust any settings.


  • Package leak detectors can be used to measure multiple products at once, depending on their size and version.
  • They are simple to use: A green light means that the packaging is in good shape and a red signal indicates that there has been a leak.
  • You can test identical and different packaging forms simultaneously.
  • The leak detectors on the packaging will indicate a leak if a leak is found when you test more than one item simultaneously.
  • Package leak detectors are great for industrial or factory use due to their robustness and size.
  • Leakages below 10 um can be detected and the measurement cycle takes only 30 seconds.
  • These detectors are compatible with the standard method for non-destructive packaging leak detection using vacuum breakdown.
  • Package leak detectors are easy to move.
  • They can be easily transported, are impact resistant, and can be carried almost anywhere. You can quickly get an idea of how the packaging is being tested with this high-quality mobile measuring device, no matter where you are.