Things That You Should Know About Oktoberfest In Waterloo

Oktoberfest is often associated with beer, but festival traditions are much more than that. While the beer tents naturally provide drinks, they only play traditional Bavarian music. The original six Munich breweries still supply the beer. 

You can also catch people in traditional Bavarian clothes, dirndl, and lederhosen. You can also get information about the oktoberfest in Waterloo via


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Oktoberfest Opening

Since 1950, Oktoberfest begins on Saturday afternoons in the second half of September with a hearing ceremony for the first barrels. 

The beer served at Schottenhamel is Spaten-Franziskaner. A gun is fired into the air at the Bavarian statue. This tradition goes back years and is a sign to hosts in other tents that they can now start selling their beer.

How much you should spend for Oktoberfest 2021 depends on how much you consume – beer, raw materials, unicorn balloons, etc. The good news is that Oktoberfest admission is always 100% free.

What should you wear for Oktoberfest 2021?

At Oktoberfest (and as every day should be with us), the Bavarian costume is the outfit of all cool kidswear. For men, that means a photoshoot in a plaid or white button-down shirt that used to be socks, but now only warms the calves, and an alpine hat – you can get fur, really big if you want.

Another note goes into the right dress for Oktoberfest (hairstyles, accessories, what you need to know about necklines, unwritten rules that you're happy to learn – did you know.