Why Are Handrail Brackets Important?

Railings can be used in various places such as stairs, balconies, etc. These are designed to provide comfort and support to people who may need something to hold on to for balance while standing or climbing stairs.

To keep it sturdy, this wall fixture makes use of screws. This is to enable them to handle the weight of people as they hold on to it for support. It won't serve its purpose unless it is attached to the wall through the wall studs if possible. Ideally, a handrail should be strong enough to support 250 pounds of weight. You can also have a look at different handrail brackets over the internet.

Today, though, apart from the traditional types, there is a wide range of decorative ones to choose from that suit every personal style. Materials have also advanced and now besides wood, there's the stainless, aluminum, wrought iron, and brass available in the market.

Brackets usually come with screws and when used in handrails, they are installed differently. For instance, the decorative types with a ring can be installed on the wall by securing the screws located in the head part while the tubing can just be inserted into the ring part. The plain and simple type, on the other hand, uses at least three screws.

As far as height is concerned, handrails should be installed at least 34 inches from the floor. This is the ideal height for adults but for children, a lower height is necessary.