Digital Marketing Courses A Course For Marketers

The following six online marketing courses are among the most highly regarded and acknowledged programs offered at the University of Texas. These highly recognized and valued programs are the distilled essence of all the relevant and useful knowledge on digital marketing. The six courses are Introduction to Digital Marketing, Advertising and Sales, Consumer Psychology, Graphic Design, Web Development, and more. Each course in the Master's degree program covers a specific aspect of digital marketing. The first two courses, Introduction to Digital Marketing and Advertising and Sales, respectively, cover the fundamental concepts of digital marketing, while the other two courses, Consumer Psychology and Graphic Design, pave the way for students to learn advanced digital marketing concepts.

The Master's course comes with an experienced expert-guided learning path, which consists of a set of eight lessons, a core that consists of the first four lessons, and three elective modules. The first module, Introduction to Digital Marketing, gives students an overview of what digital marketing is and the market motive behind it. The second module, Advertising, and Sales take students through the nuts and bolts of how marketing activities take place. The third module, Web Development, and Graphic Design explore the nuts and bolts of web development activities, graphic design tools, and the overall layout of a website.

In the second semester, students have to take the exams for each of the six digital marketing courses and complete at least three exams in each of those six courses. Before students can take any examinations, they have to pass a prerequisite test, which tests their knowledge of the basics. Students also need to apply for placement in one of the colleges offering online marketing diplomas. This is done by submitting a resume and a letter of application. Upon approval, the colleges will send the application package to prospective students.

After students successfully complete the Coursera courses, they will be sent an email with a link to download the latest updates. Students will then receive a brief description of the digital marketing specialization offered by the colleges. Students can opt for the master level courses if they want to upgrade their existing degrees or pursue additional studies. Coursera also offers bachelor's degree courses for those who wish to pursue advanced analytics certification.

Once students successfully complete the first two semesters of the digital marketing program, they can decide to continue with the advanced courses, which start with courses in social media. The online marketing courses content includes social media optimization and digital marketing campaign evaluation. They also have to learn about Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, PPC, web site promotion, local and mobile search, media buying, and SEO copywriting.

Apart from all this, there are other specialized courses available online for digital marketers. These include social media marketing, website analytics, search engine optimization, media buying, affiliate marketing, and web development. These courses enable digital marketers to work for any company engaged in digital marketing or earn handsomely as digital marketers. Some of the companies that need digital marketers include entertainment companies, ad agencies, startups, and consultancies.

The other option for online marketers is to undergo the exam to become analytics certified. The exam consists of two sub examinations that are taken by digital marketers. One of these is the Online Marketing Qualification Test (OMT) and the other is the Industry Credentialing Exchange (OCE). The OCE exam is conducted by independent organizations whereas the IUE exam is conducted by accredited organizations. Both the exams are similar in nature and both carry a weightage. Digital marketers may have to pass both exams in order to become certified.

With the results of the exams in hand, the digital marketing career practitioners then apply for the Digital Marketing Associate (DMA) certification. This certification is offered by two organizations namely, Cisco and Microsoft. The exam is quite a comprehensive test and involves both theory and practical examination. The exam is structured in such a manner that it tests each digital marketing technique in relation to the latest trends in the market. It also tests the market skills of digital marketing professionals in order to assess the professional level of proficiency.