The Important Criteria for Choosing a Crepe Pan

A crepe is a popular dish. There are so many varieties: thick, thin, and tall, with sweet fillings, meat, fish, or mushrooms. 

However, the most popular recipes don't guarantee the crepes will be perfect. The main secret of the ideal crepe is the "right" crepe pan. Such a pan is unlikely to burn or stick your pancakes. You can buy the best quality large pancake pan online for delicious crepes.

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Choose the right way

So what should a crepe pan be? And which type is considered the best? You are very lucky if you inherit a wok from your mother or grandmother. It has been tested for years of cooking and thousands of pancakes are made.

But today's selection also offers a great crepe pan. The main thing is to understand what you want because the variety is huge and each model has its advantages and disadvantages.

A good skillet should:

• With thick and smooth bottom and walls for even heating and heat transfer

• With low walls so even the thinnest crepes can be turned over easily

• With handles made of heat-resistant materials

• Practical size: ideally no larger than 26 cm and diameter no smaller than 20 cm: heating is evenly distributed and browsing through crepes is easier

If you are not a fan of the classic style, you can buy a square crepe pan but all other requirements need to be considered.

And don't skimp on this cookware, because with a good crepe pan you'll get great crepes more than once.

What types of crepe pans are there?

We will not talk about external form or design – these factors do not affect the quality of the crepes. But the ingredients of the crepe pan play a big role here. There are two varieties of crepe pan:

1. with non-stick coating

2. without non-stick coating

With the right care and preparation, almost anything can be used to make pancakes! When choosing, it is important to rely on your own preferences, because everyone has their own ideals.