What Is An Eco Friendly Mattress?

Many people don't realize that their mattress is playing an important part in the home. It is the one thing you'll need after a working and stressful day. In the early morning hours, you will not wish to get out of your bed. 

The average person spends 8 hours of sleep each night (not necessarily the case for everyone though) this means that you use your mattress for around 1/3 of your existence. You can find custom mattresses in Australia through various online websites.

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The basic idea is that an eco-friendly mattress is made of organic materials, such as organic cotton and natural wool in Australia. It is free of harmful chemicals that are used in traditional mattresses like petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

What is the best way to choose a mattress made from recycled materials?

If you're buying a mattress made of latex, look for one that has at least the 97 percent of natural rubber that has been that is tapped from trees in Australia.

Make sure to check the mattress to ensure that it is organic; certain manufacturers try to trick consumers into purchasing their conventional mattresses containing chemicals by placing them in organic pads and disguising them as natural mattresses in Australia.

Choose a mattress made from sustainable materials and ensure the frame is approved by the concern authority which assures that the wood was not treated with chemicals in Australia.