How Do You Know If It Is REAL ID And What Does It Do To Increase Security?

The REAL ID Act, passed by the US Congress in 2005, sets a new security minimum for states’ ID cards. In January of 2018, the residents of states whose IDs aren’t REAL ID conforming will have to show another method of identification before flying. 

Is this real ID?

It was created through the 9/11 Commission to “set standards regarding the issue of sources of identification such as driver’s licenses” REAL ID Act creates a new standard that all US states and territories must adhere to when distributing state ID cards in order to improve the security of the card.

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In order to be compliant with REAL ID standards, a state-issued ID should include:

Full legal name

Residence address



Identification number or driver’s license

Digital front-facing photo


In addition to the details, ID cards must include the barcode as well as security features. The ID cards that are compliant will feature an asterisk in the upper right-hand corner. States are also required to share their database of information about cardholders with one another.

The importance of Secure ID Cards

Fake or altered ID cards can be used to purchase alcohol and other items that are restricted to minors in order to gain access to bars even if you are not or to steal identities.