Tips To Save On Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom remodels provide a good opportunity to reuse any good-quality taps or sanitaryware – roll-top baths are usually salvageable – or, for a cost-effective way to update existing fittings, you can always re-enamel or add a new surround to a bath. 

This is not only cost-effective but a great way to maintain character. 'A trick I tell people is to go to the hardware store and buy spray paint. You can also get more tips related to bathroom remodeling at

Putting Antique Gray Spray Paint on bathroom fixtures will change the feel of the bathroom immediately. When it comes to remodeling, think outside the box. 

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A plumbing company won't be shopping around for deals the way that you can. Buy popular brands of fixtures, as replacement parts and cartridges are more readily available. Finding unknown brands online can be a risky game down the road. 

Replace plumbing as needed while any plumbing is exposed. Older pipes may need to be replaced and it's a lot easier if they're accessible.' 

Keep your guard up when shopping on Kijiji or eBay. 'You can often find great deals on like-new products from the renovation projects of other people. However, sometimes there's a sneaky reason that an individual is replacing something.

Location Dos And Don'ts

Changing the tub placement can totally transform a small bathroom but there are some items that won't be so worth it according to Cash. 'Do not change the location of the faucet. You can change the faucet but do not relocate. 

Relocating will result in more work which will cost you more.' If you do need to move more key elements, try to at least keep the toilet close enough to connect to the existing soil pipe for fewer plumbing complications and to keep the bathroom remodel costs down.