Productive Advertising – PPC Versus Natural Advertising

When we enter a search term, two types of results are presented. On the left side of the screen we get natural or general results. They are generated by Google by crawling every website in the world, evaluating their overall content, popularity, and usability, and then going through algorithms so complex that Google has three buildings in Mountain View, just for the written version. 

Paid results appear to the right or, if the search is performed from a content member's website, above and below the overall search. The two types of results differ in many ways, but they are also the same in one important respect – that they are ordered by relevance within their category. You can also hire an experienced amazon advertiser to get the best PPC services by clicking at

Beginner's Guide to Growing Your Website with PPC -

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The obvious advantage of generic lists is that they don't cost anything. While it doesn't cost anything, it's an overly relative statement. To get first place, you need a top site with the best exposure and links from other top sites. 

In general, this is not cheap. Expect to pay a high price in time to get a natural top list or a hefty cash price to pay someone else to get it for you. There is also no guaranteed lead list. You can spend thousands on websites and pay SEO professionals for years and still never get the first page, let alone rank first.

PPC has the opposite problem. This is the quick and dirty answer to getting traffic to your website fast. You don't have to worry (much) about site optimization, page rank, or other similar annoyances – just hit the dollar and go. The problem, of course, is that you have to hit your dollar. And sometimes you're lucky enough to get away with just one.