Exercises You Can Do With An Adjustable Bench

Variety is always a good thing when it comes to your exercise program. It will keep boredom away and help you make progress. If your body becomes bored while doing a workout, it's time to stop because you aren't seeing any more results. One of the best ways to spice up your workouts is to find new ways to use fitness equipment. 

The basic step up is the best move, to begin with. You can do this with your bodyweight or a set of dumbbells. You will want to simply lift one leg with your foot and step up with the other. You can buy an adjustable bench online via https://cardioonline.com.au/pages/best-adjustable-workout-benches.

Next, step down with either the same foot or the opposite. Next, reverse the steps and do it again. Do this while you're working out. Keep your back straight and keep your legs up. Tricep dips are another great move to include in your exercise routine. This one is easy. Position your hands so that your feet are parallel to the bench's edge. 

As you lower your elbows, bend your elbows. Once your elbow is at 90 degrees, pause at the bottom and press up to finish the rep. Keep going until you have completed all the reps. You can also rest your feet on a bench or a ball to help you progress this exercise. Reverse leg raises are another great move you can do with an adjustable bench.