How Courier Services Are Different from Postal Services?

A courier service is a premium all-inclusive service that collects and delivers your shipment in the shortest time possible. Postal services are used to transport letters and parcels, which may take some time to reach their destination.

These are many functions that specialized courier services offers, which makes them distinct from postal services.

Speed and efficiency

This is to clarify that we are not saying that postal services are inefficient or slow.

But, courier services are known for their speed and efficiency in delivering shipments. If your business is focused on international shipping and time is critical, then a courier company may be the best option.

There are fewer size restrictions

Courier services are distinguished from regular postal services by having fewer restrictions on the weight and size of goods that can be shipped.

It's not uncommon to be confronted with restrictions on size, weight, and commodities that could prevent you from shipping your goods to their destination when using a postal service. This is a major advantage of courier services over postal options. You can ship goods with fewer restrictions and do it quickly.

Real-Time Tracking

One of the main functions of courier services, and what makes them different from postal services, is their ability to provide real-time tracking. However, this doesn't mean that postal services do not offer tracking options, although these are more general in nature, such as the location and time it should arrive.