Healing With Bath Salts

Wondering how to create beautiful dead sea salt recipes for your loved ones? This simple homemade bath recipes recipe will help moisturize dry skin, soothe tired muscles and relax you to a relaxing time in the tub. With these recipes, you can enjoy the benefits of Dead Sea salt as well as lavender essential oil. This will be a great gift idea that everyone on your list will enjoy and remember for years to come.

For many years lavender is known for its healing qualities. The dried flowers and leaves have been used for skin care and other medicinal purposes by many ancient civilizations including Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans. It is also known today for its anti-inflammatory qualities. With these two benefits in mind, lavender has been used in bath salt recipes since ancient times to treat burns, relieve itching and treat skin irritations. The combination of these two healing agents makes for a great recipe.

Another recipe that you can create with the use of dead sea salt is a great recipe for people who are suffering from arthritis and joint pain. Arthritis affects about one in every eighty people worldwide. It is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the joints of the body. High levels of glucose in the blood cause the cartilage to break down causing swelling, stiffness, and pain. With this recipe, you will be adding magnesium which is important for reducing inflammation as well as strengthening cartilage.

Epsom salt is the most common ingredient in bath salt mixes. It contains trace amounts of calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and sulfur, which contribute to its therapeutic properties. One of these properties is that it helps get rid of toxins in the body including the ones that contribute to arthritis. By combining Epsom Salt with magnesium sulfate, the healing properties of bath salt will be doubled. By mixing the two together in a bowl you will have a mixture that will be beneficial for anyone who suffers from arthritis.

There are many other uses for bath salt. They are popular as natural food supplements because they are so easy to find. Salt is very inexpensive and can be easily purchased in bulk at your local drugstore. There are many different herbs that work well with bath salt to enhance the healing properties of the bath salts.

A recipe for healing with bath salt is one of the more popular ones on the internet. This recipe calls for the use of sodium bicarbonate, white spirit, and witch hazel. These ingredients combine to form a solution that is effective against dry, itchy skin. It is also effective against redness caused by inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Many people also choose to add essential oils to their bath salt recipes. Essential oils are not really a substitute for soap or salt, but they do make the experience more pleasant. The essential oils that are most commonly added include eucalyptus, peppermint, jasmine, marjoram, and Rosemary. Essential oils are a great alternative because they have antiseptic properties that can help get rid of the itchy feeling associated with dry skin. Using essential oils to moisturize your body after a bath can also help with circulation and the healing of skin and wounds.

When buying your bath salt, make sure that you buy ones that are labeled "essential oils". Essential oils are concentrated herbal extracts that are mixed into a liquid solution. By using them in your bath salt recipes you can get the same benefits as using them in essential oil spa products. You can purchase essential oils online, in a health food store, or from an herbalist.