Guide for Working Safely Near Underground Assets

Due to excavation work, underground assets like gas, water, electric cables, and sewage pipes can get damaged, which could result in grave or potentially lethal occurrences including burns, electric shock, and gas releases or outbursts. 

By the volatile effects of arcing current injuries can be caused. It may cause dangerous fires or bursts when a live cable or gas pipe is cut or trampled by an excavator container or penetrated by the point of a tool. 

When any harm to these assets is not reported and not repaired, occurrences might arise. You can also hire the services of underground utilities in Los Angeles online.

Examine the Area with Cable and Pipe Detection

You will need to use the services of a certified underground asset location company that will find buried underground assets on your behalf. In case you are utilizing your own locating equipment, it is imperative to make sure that the operators are taught to use it appropriately and are well aware of its restrictions. 

It's essential that the equipment should be fine-tuned and competent enough for tracing all kinds of wires and pipes as required. If there is no power flowing through, some locating equipment may not spot an electric cable and also might not be able to trace non-metallic pipes.

Important Safety Precautions:

• Always dig at a safe distance when using any machinery.

• Prior to the digging work, wherever possible the electricity supply to the underground cable must be cut off.