Cocktail Mixing For The Beginner

There are thousands of cocktails to choose from, so everyone enjoys sipping a drink. Many bartenders have their secret recipe that keeps customers returning for more. How do you get started as a novice cocktail maker?

Gather your equipment first. A good cocktail shaker tool is essential. It should be large enough to hold the contents comfortably but not too big. Stainless steel is preferred. A jigger is needed to measure ingredients. Also, you will need a muddler for crushing sugar. You will also need a juicer for extracting juice from citrus fruit.

cocktail shaker kit

Finally, a long-handled mixing spoon and a fine mesh strainer. You will also need a knife to cut the fruit, which is often featured in tropical-inspired cocktails. As you become more proficient, you'll want to expand your collection.

A balanced cocktail has strong and weak alcohol (e.g. gin and martini) and sweet and tart flavors like sugar and lemon. It is essential to get the right amounts and maintain consistency from one drink to another.

The Martini with gin is a classic but challenging cocktail. Everybody has their ideal Martini. I like a Dirty Martini (mixed with olive juice). Make sure you have a friend who enjoys Martinis and that you practice making the best. There will be plenty of people willing to test your cocktails. You will have plenty of volunteers to test your drinks, including the Martini and the Highball, as well as the Daiquiri.

These cocktails are easy to master. There are many online and printed recipes. Local ingredients are best used where possible. For example, the tropical tropics should be dominated by coconut, mango, and pineapple. In colder climates, warm brandy and chocolate concoctions can be made.